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    Metal Cap Can Making Machinery Production Line Is A Good Product

    Conveyor belt assembly line is a kind of rotating equipment used to transport items in the production process. It can transport a wide variety of materials, not only can transport all kinds of bulk materials, but also can transport various light-weight...  more
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    These Information Of Pu Air Hose Are Important

    The two basic formulations of urethane, ester and ether, have some important differences. Water attacks ester-based urethane, causing a significant reduction in physical properties. Ether urethanes exhibit far superior hydrolytic stability,...  more
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    Pu Air Hose Is A Good Product

    Hybrid Hose – The hybrid blend of polyurethane, PVC and rubber allows hybrid hose to be extremely flexible and durable, even in frigid temperatures. If you’ve ever been frustrated by air hose that kinks and is generally difficult to...  more
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    Tips to Run Syringe Production Line Are Provided

    Schedule preventive maintenance. A little prevention can go a long way toward warding off bigger problems later. Many companies schedule equipment checkups on a regular basis. Scheduling reminders for maintenance can help your staff remember when...  more
    led by Zheng ri

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    We are big advocates for Madden Franchise Mode

    All things considered, if the costs are close or far superior, you may consider feeling free to go for the Platinum Quicksell to get coins snappy and do whatever it is you need to do with your new heap of coins.

    That is all you...  more
    led by xu li

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    An Introduction of Car Production Lines

    When the term “car production” is mentioned in conversation, most people immediately think of Henry Ford and his revolutionary car assembly line, but the truth is much more complex. For starters, the assembly line was patented not by Ford, but...  more
    led by ri mei

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    Our Printed Rain Boots Can Be Your Choice

    Make a big splash in the deepest of puddles with these Printed Rain boots in the latest fashions and the prettiest colors to complement any outfit in your wardrobe. 100% waterproof with great traction, choose from our line of colorful rain boots and you...  more
    led by hu jin

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    Types of Heat Transfer Paper

    Use special heat transfer ink to print various patterns on a special kind of heat transfer paper, and then transfer the patterns to the product through temperature and pressure. This special paper in the thermal transfer process is called thermal...  more
    led by gao bao

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    Learn Flow Lines Of Mold Parts

    Flow lines appear as a wavy pattern often of a slightly different color than the surrounding area and generally on narrower sections of the molded component. They may also appear as ring-shaped bands on a product’s surface near the entry points of the...  more
    led by Jin hong

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    Feeding Method of Rubber Extruder Machine

    1. Gravity feeding

    The material enters the barrel by its own weight. This method can easily cause uneven feeding, which affects the quality of parts. rubber extruder machine is only suitable for small...  more
    led by na bai