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It might seem to be a lot however

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    Sep 28

    The Solution. You might wonder, "How does a union save the economic system?" Well, here is how we're going to pull this off: Just as the clans of merchants have formed trusts to RS gold gain control of markets and control the market, we will do the same. This is how their system works. There is a supply base for an item. With every item, an product is a source of supply and demand. This equation illustrates the way that free economics operates.

    The clans now control the demand. We must manage the market to stop their tactics. If we are able to manage the demand for items, prices will almost never change above what they ought to.

    We need to form several anti-price manipulation clans to counteract their tactics by boycotting. We will keep an eye on the market, looking for the abusers. We will then plan as much of a boycott and protest as we can to limit their influence on the market. In the end, with many of these members making smaller and smaller profits, they will cease to influence prices.

    If you already price manipulate then read this article you might be thinking, "This is going to reduce the amount I make! It is true. But, the costs of items and how much you spend won't change. Because you can get cheaper items, you won’t have to shell out a lot of money to afford the things you want. This allows for the market to be open and will allow numerous players to participate. Although an economy that has 100 wealthy people is likely to end, one with 10,000 different players will last.

    What can be done to be done to bring back the old economic system? The old economy was one where most skills were able to earn a income even when they had to be bought. We can use the same boycott strategy I discussed earlier to lower costs so that skilled workers who have worked hard to achieve the levels of these workers will be able to earn more than someone who has only been woodcutting for four days.

    It might seem to be a lot however it's not impossible. The past repeats itself, and not only in this universe, it also happens in an alternate universe in which the majority of us spent at least a few years. It's more reliable than any other cheap OSRS gold fluctuation in trade in any way. (Jagex makes rash decisions when in danger. Ie, the wild.

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