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How to Make Gil in FFXIV

  • September 9, 2021

    As we all know, FFXIV Gil makes the world of Final Fantasy XIV run and it is always not easy to get rich as well, even though everyone wants to. There are so many FFXIV Gil making guides out there and most of them work really awesomely if you take into account that the markets will always be changing and they are different from each other on each data center. But some of these methods need tomestones that you exchange for materials or access to decent skills. If you don't have access to any of this and still want to make some decent gil, then you are in the right place!To get more news about Buy FFXIV Gil Cheap, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

    The video below is from FinalFay, in which she shares her method to make gil. This article is written in the first person.Today I'm going to tell you a method that you can do from around level 15 or 20 and it requires no crafting, no gathering. All you need is a market board, a retainer to sell you stuff and a trip to the desert.

    And you've probably already collected some. Some of these are super cheap to get on the market and obviously the higher we go, the more expensive they generally tend to get. People who do the high-end content whether that is battle or crafting the new gear or gathering materials for set gear, generally will like to have these to be able to meet the requirements reliably. Every time there is a major patch update where the gear gets better, they will need new material to put into their new gear, so the market sometimes will go down in lulls in content, but it'll always come back up and you'll get new gear that is better than the old ones.

    And he will change five random materia for any other materia than the one you gave him. You give him a materia he cannot give you that type of materia back. For example, you give him 5 Piety VIII materia, then he can't give you back any Piety VIII, but he can give you any of the other ones. If you want to force his hand, you can give him a Piety VIII, a Battledance VIII or a Quickarm VIII, for instance. And then he can't give you back any of these and you are guaranteed to get a red one, a blue one or a green one and these three categories generally sell way better than the other two ones.

    It is worth hopping around the servers on your data center to see if you can get some cheaply off their markets. And I generally set myself some cutoffs ahead of time so that I know what I'll buy and what I won't, because the markets are low right now. So I'll buy any materia VI for 300 gil, any material VII for 300 gil and any material VIII for 2000 gil per materia. This means that I can make any VI or VII for under 1500 gil and you can generally sell most of these for the prices that are way north of that. And I can create any VIII for 10 000 gil tops. Considering that some of these crafting ones can reach prices around 65 000 or 70 000 gil on my server and these red ones generally go for around 30 000k, which is a pretty decent profit.

    To get gils, you have to study your market and I will recommend that you do like me and make some guesses on which cutoffs are good for you. So how much are you willing to give for a materia? With my threshold being so low as 2000 for material VIII, I know that I generally won't even touch 10 000 gil for any of the transmuted ones and I can generally sell any red one for just short of 30k and most gathering and crafting ones even with the markets being this low, I can sell for 25 or I can choose to sit on it depending on which kind because I know that they'll come up again. If you don't have enough money to start with the aids, then maybe look at your market and see if any of the other tiers are any more attractive. Ideally you want to meld in a tier where there is more than one or two materia that are good ones. And it is quite random which materia you'll get from Mutamix. If you do enough, then obviously you'll get just about as many of each, but it is a bit of a gamble if there's only one or two that really sell. However if the price to make them is low, then the other ones can maybe drag in their own price to make and it might still be a very good investment.