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Rifeng cable product quality and after-sales service

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    August 12, 2020

    Quality first, customer first" is Rifeng Cable's product quality and performance policy, insisting on fully satisfying users' performance requirements for products under the premise of ensuring stable quality. In terms of standardized production management, the company has successively passed ISO9001:2008 quality system certification and ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification. In terms of product quality performance testing, the company has established a fully functional testing center equipped with a variety of testing equipment, with a relatively complete range of mechanical properties, electrical properties, aging performance, high and low temperature performance, physical and chemical properties, electromagnetic compatibility, combustion performance, etc. Testing instruments and measuring instruments. In addition, the company's self-developed simulation experiment equipment for construction ladder cables is the industry's leading test equipment, and has obtained an invention patent with the patent number ZL201210158101.2.

    In line with the business philosophy of "starting from the core, serving with heart", Rifeng Cable has established a department responsible for sales and services, and established a complete user file system to comprehensively complete the user's product selection, construction and operation information. Record, and constantly update customer information through regular visits or letter visits, especially for high-end customers, providing personalized services such as product customization, improvement, adjustment, and maintenance. Before sales, fully understand customer requirements so that the company’s products can meet customer needs to the greatest extent; during sales, the company provides personalized solutions and develops targeted products for specific customer needs; after sales, the company can short-term customer feedback Respond quickly within time, draw up solutions, and send technicians to the scene.

    Rifeng Cable has a strong internal sales team and many years of industry experience, it will provide strong professional support according to customer requirements and provide one-stop cable solutions. In the future, Rifeng Cable also looks forward to establishing long-term mutually beneficial cooperation with more partners.

    Guangdong Rifeng Electric Cable Co., Ltd
    Add.: Guangfeng Industrial Zone, West district,Zhongshan ,Guangdong ,China
    Tel. :86-760-88166388 ext. 661
    Cell phone:+86-18666536612

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