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9004 (HB1) Led Headlight Bulb | Advanced High Low Beams

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    August 12, 2020

    We actually used advanced optical software to prototype the small chips that approximate filaments, put the LEDs exactly where the simulation of halogen bulb.To get more news about 9004 LED headlights, you can visit iengniek official website.

    It is made to function not only in projector style housing but also in reflector style housing with perfect hotspot and beam pattern with more usable light and no glare for oncoming drivers compared to stock halogen and conventional LEDs. Slim PCB for Standard Light Beam Pattern The 9004 led headlight bulb has 2.5mm Super slim PCB board between two sides of leds, almost equivalent to the filament width of factory halogen bulb, which is 2mm.

    Cooling Performance Upgraded The F2 base features featherweight and coverless heat extraction design, which allows the unit to maintain the correct temperature. Thermal management is the key to a high-performing, long-lasting LED unit. Headlight all Went through a Stringent Qualification Process 5-times QC out of 19 production processes Warranty Promised 2 year warranty to offer new headlights to replace the broken one, benefit to your after-sale-service.

    OEM & ODM Available We have a professional design team here if you want to make OEM or ODM product and packing box your brand. Most LEDs are big and have no hotspot in beam pattern. F2 9004 led headlight is just a little different. It provides optically correct output and shines more light in the hotspot when installing in reflector as well as projector, 200% brighter than the halogen bulb.

    The Cree LED Light source emits in a true white 6500 K color temperature, for a modern and OEM-style LED appearance. The F2 9004 led headlight was designed with turbo ball bearing fans, which can reach 12000 RPM counterclockwise and effectively prevents thermal imbalance in the LEDs or circuit board; protect the light source for long life. And the small bulb size can be installed behind the dust caps.