Old School RuneScape won the vampire city, Darkmeyer

  • In the Old School RuneScape, as the new mission "Sin of the Father", many players should be familiar with it. It takes you into a long-running storyline, allowing freedom warrior Myreque to try from the dreaded vampire leader Lord Dragan ( Lord Drakan) freed Morytania's dark swamp from the evil mastery. You have a chance to unlock the gate of Damermayr, the vampire city.

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    Besides, players completing tasks will open a new world, the inaccessible city of Dakmel, where you can find many new shops, conveniences, enemies, and skill methods, including Halloween graveyard agility courses and essence mines. As a professional secondary trading market, RSGOLGB2C.com, players can safely Buy OSRS Gold here to give you more opportunities to show in the game.

    Essence Mine provides players with a new method of training Runecrafting skills by using the mysterious power of the mines in Darkmeyer. At the same time, "Holy Grave" is a new mini-game where players can train their agile skills by traversing a trap-filled basement that houses the dead of the ancient city of Halloween.