What kinds of liquid silicone masks are available on the market


    Affected by the new crown epidemic, the global supply and demand gap of ventilators is increasing. As the epidemic spreads globally, countries are introducing a large number of ventilators. Respiratory masks and other silicone accessories used with ventilators are also listed as a global supply of tight substances.

    1. Production process of ventilator mask

    The production process of the ventilator mask mainly uses liquid silicone injection molding technology. After the mold is heated to a certain temperature on a high-precision silicone mold, the original silicone material (AB component liquid silicone) is mixed with high-temperature and high-pressure injection into the mold through a high-precision injection molding machine. After the middle solidification molding, the silicone product has been completed.

    As a medical accessory product, ventilator masks have high requirements. In addition to materials that need to reach medical grade, they also have relatively high requirements for the production environment. They need to reach a 100,000-level dust-free workshop. The production qualification needs to meet the necessary requirements such as ISO13485 quality management system certification. Conditions and general liquid silicone molding speed is slower.

    2. There are several types of ventilators on the market, including liquid silicone masks for medical anesthesia:

    (1) Liquid silicone full face mask

    The liquid silicone full-face mask is characterized by covering the mouth and nose. Patients can use mouth breathing or nasal breathing. It is beneficial for patients who are accustomed to mouth breathing during sleep. It can avoid oral leakage and is suitable for patients with other respiratory diseases, such as COPD patients. Full face masks are more prone to leaks than other types of masks and will affect drinking and communication to a certain extent. For patients whose nasal obstruction is not serious and who use nasal breathing during sleep, you can consider the following two masks.

    (2) Liquid silicone nasal mask

    The liquid silicone nasal mask covers the nose, breathes through the nose, has a wide field of vision, is simple and comfortable, and can be used widely. It can be used by general patients. It is easy to leak through the mouth, and friends who are accustomed to mouth breathing still choose an oronasal mask to be more comfortable.

    (3) Liquid silicone nose pad mask

    This mask has the least contact with facial skin, is light and comfortable, breathes through the nose, and has a wide field of vision. It is the first choice for patients with claustrophobia and can be used by patients with mild snoring. Insertable nose pads may cause significant irritation to the nasal mucosa when the pressure is high. It is not recommended for patients with the deviated nasal septum, and not for patients with mouth breathing. Leaking air through the mouth will greatly reduce the treatment.

    It is understood that during the fight against the epidemic, the demand for oxygen masks is extremely large. Compared with traditional medical raw materials, liquid silicone has unique advantages, and it is also the future inevitable trend of equipment raw materials in the medical mould industry.