The Supplies To Make The Stacked Sculptures Wooden Crafts

  •   I am always on the hunt for three dimensional invitations-to-create that are engaging and exciting for all ages. If it also re-purposes a ton of cardboard, is an excellent fine motor workout, and looks super cool when finished, even better! Enter the threaded and stacked cardboard sculptures.

      I knew I wanted to introduce a sculptural piece for children as young as 18 months. At first, I considered doing a notched cardboard sculpture. This has proven to be really tricky for younger artists in my experience. If you have little ones at home, you know that threading beads or stacking objects (like block building) are universal activities that that build hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and more. A light bulb went off! What if we could just thread and stack simple cardboard shapes? No glue, no tape, no notches!

      Supply List For Stacked Sculptures:

      ~ wooden crafts wholesale skewers (we used 10″ but chopsticks will also work in a pinch)

      ~ Clay or dough of some kind (we used air dry)

      ~ Cardboard cut into shapes

      ~ Hole punch

      ~ Cardboard TP or paper towel tubes cut into small pieces and rings

      ~ Egg cartons cut up

      ~ Bingo dotters (the kind from amazon with a sparkly top) or tempera cakes or tempera paint

      ~ Optional: wood beads or bolts from the hardware store

      1. Set out a tray of the cardboard shapes. Cardboard is tough to hole punch, so I did that ahead of time, punching several holes for various threading options.

      2. Stick each skewer pointy end down into a little ball of your clay and flatten the bottom against the table so it stands up, set aside.

      3. Invite each artist to add color to both sides of the cardboard shapes either before or after stacking. With our older groups (ages 2.5+), we added color first with my favorite bingo dotters and neon tempera cakes. With the younger kids, it made better sense to build the sculptures first and then paint the whole thing with regular tempera paint. However you structure painting, kids can thread the cardboard shapes any way they like.

      I love the openness of the little cardboard tube pieces, and the wood beads and bolts give a little space between each stacked shape. Some children delighted in just stacking the wood beads and bolts and that was totally fine too.

      This was such an enjoyable process for our young artists, some even requested an additional skewer to thread more pieces of cardboard!

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