A Perfect Lotion Dispenser Pump Mix For Any Industry

  •   Known for their luxurious finish, striking sheen, and colorful options, the look of metals can convey a spectrum of ideas. From working in your products’ favor by catching a consumer’s eye, to helping your Lotion Dispenser Pump whloesales product stand out from the others, metallic finishes are all the rage.


      If “beauty” and “metal” seem like two words that don’t usually appear together, we’re turning the norm upside down. Beauty brands are using metal finishes on closures and in bottle decoration in order to achieve a luxurious look.

      Metallic finishes can also be used in a more assertive manner to create a flashy feel, draw attention to the product, and reinforce product branding. Combining metallic finishes with clean lines turns any product design from drab to sleek and modern.

      Gold and silver metallic finishes have been long-standing industry favorites. Shiny and matte finishes stay on the top of our trend lines, but other metals such as rose gold, copper, and zinc have shown a push towards the top. After all, who doesn’t love shiny things?


      With metal finishes becoming a strong packaging trend in the health, beauty, and cosmetic industries, you may be wondering if metallic has any other place. The answer is simple. Yes!

      The food and beverage industry has welcomed metal finishes with open arms and this trend also extends into consumers’ homes. Metal finishes boast many health benefits, such as:

      Increased Sanitization: With nonporous metal finishes, the product being sold will not absorb into its surface area, which helps prevent cross contamination of all sorts.

      Durability: Metallized surfaces are easy to clean, bottles are easy to wash, and they’re also corrosion resistant.

      Product Taste: Depending on the metal finish, some consumers are put-off by a metallic taste in their foods. However, stainless steel options are the perfect solution to this common problem and it’s growing in popularity rapidly.


      In the past, metallic finishes were traditionally the closure of choice for glass products, but gave more of a functional vibe than one of style. Today, when customized, these traditional closures can have a single or multi-color photographic image, be embossed or debossed, and can be used with a variety of liners.

      Other closures also go through a metallizing process, which involves applying a thin layer of precious metal to any closure (typically plastic) and results in a mirror-like surface with a deep, rich color.

      If having a metal or metallized closure isn’t fancy enough, metallic inks can also be used in the deco of a bottle, jar, or tube. As you can tell, the options for packaging design and customization are virtually endless.

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      At the end of the day, product packaging and design is all about creating a look and feel that will grab consumers attention, inform them of the products merits, and ultimately – get them to purchase your product!