Store Bobby Pins in Old Lip Balm Cosmetic Cream Jar

  •   It’s no secret how we’ve been head over heels in love with everything make up, cruelty-free, organic, and natural! Unfortunately, while most of us seek to reduce our carbon footprint, we tend to neglect the fancy Cosmetic Cream Jar manufacturers that came with our stash.

      If you’re a makeup junkie like us, you know how easy it is to accumulate a mountain of makeup bottles and bric a brac. But finding new uses doesn’t just save you money, it saves the environment too! Here’s how to repurpose your old makeup containers.

      10 Ways to Repurpose Cosmetic Containers

      1: Store Bobby Pins in Old Lip Balm Containers

      Recycling old makeup containers, cosmetic containers, and other types of receptacles is a piece of cake. Got old lip balm containers? How about bobby pins that seem to disappear the moment you buy them? Then an old lip balm tube can do the trick. Simply slip in and store.

      2: Store Hair Elastics, Earnings, and Other Jewelry in Compact Containers That Have a Mirror

      Think empty compacts are hard to recycle? Think again! One way to repurpose this makeup container is by using it to store hair elastics, earrings, and other jewelry. Its small enough to slip into your purse for a girls’ night out yet big enough to contain the tiny essentials for travel.

      3: Turn Perfume Bottles into Vases

      We tend to accumulate empty perfume bottles simply because they’re too cute (and too pricey) to part with! So why throw them away? Repurpose these old cosmetic containers into vases and it becomes an elegant piece of home décor.

      4: Make Travel-Sized Containers

      Lessen your trips to the dollar store by repurposing cosmetic containers into travel-sized receptacles. An old face powder pot can carry three oz. of moisturizer.

      5: Turn Shampoo Bottles into a Brush Holder

      Shampoo bottles are the most versatile of containers. It can lengthen short faucets or be reincarnated as a scoop. Our favorite reincarnation is as brush holder. Cut an empty shampoo bottle a few inches from the bottom. Dull the cut edges, and voila! A holder for makeup brushes!

      6: Turn Any Old Compact Containers into a Perfume Holder

      Go retro and store a solid perfume disc in an empty compact. Or you can make your own with this recipe:

      1 TBSP carrier oil (around 14.5 grams)

      2 tsp beeswax pellets (6 grams)

      35-40 drops essential oil

      Place the carrier oil and beeswax on a glass bowl over a small saucepan filled with water. Allow to fully melt.

      Pour the liquified oil into a clean, empty compact and let cool for two minutes.

      Gently stir the essential oil into the liquified carrier oil and beeswax mixture.

      As the perfume matures, the scent intensifies. To apply, rub a clean finger across the solid perfume and apply to wrists. Perfume will keep for 12 months.

      7: Use Larger Makeup Containers to Put Together a D.I.Y. Sewing Kit

      Our favorite hotel freebies are those nifty sewing kits that seem to contain everything! Make your own with repurposed makeup containers! Loose powder receptacles or even large eye makeup containers can hold sewing essentials such as tiny scissors, a few pins, safety pins, needles and a variety of different colored threads.

      8: Keep Pills in Old Lipsticks

      Like how? Simply scrape out remaining lipstick debris and pop in your dose for the day. Old lipsticks make gorgeous repurposed makeup containers and are great substitutes for those boring and bulky pillboxes.

      9: Turn Jars into Beautiful "Pots" for Your Plants

      Tiny plant jars are making a come back. Makeup containers as tiny as ink jars or even egg shells are perfect. Simply fill with potting mix, moss, miniature forget-me-nots or violas. Opt for plants with tiny roots and water regularly. Who would’ve thought that little pot of gel liner could be so versatile!

      10: Use Old Domestic Containers for Your D.I.Y. Skincare Creations

      Taking your recycling efforts to the next level? Forget pricey receptacles. Use what you got. If you make your own skin care cleansers (ex: homemade apple cider toners, DIY facial wash, and facial oil moisturizers), up the recycling ante by using your empty gorgeous makeup containers.

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    Layla Curlewis If you’ve been looking for a way to organize your supplies and make them more accessible, then this article is perfect for you. Lip balm jars are the perfect receptacle for storing bobby pins, hair ties, sewing kits, and other small items. All you need...  more
    October 16, 2021