Every new Super Mario furniture product will cross Animal Cross

  • At this special festival, players may have the opportunity to purchase furniture and clothing with the theme of Super Mario. Players will not only advance to decorative items that may be placed around their property or public places on the island but also advance is a revolutionary management technology that can be used as a fast-travel technology that allows players to easily travel in various areas.

    Players should connect to the Internet and download free updates to access all items. As a gift to thank you for updating, they will get the Super Mario wallpaper project for free. When the agreed time is reached, the ACBellsBuy store will release new items on time. It will be a very interesting thing to come to the store to buy ACNH bells. Now, players must wait until March to start buying products in the Super Mario set.

    Although Nintendo has not yet provided a selection of all items that players can purchase in this collaboration, players have confirmed the index compiled by the Nook Shopping app in the trailer, which was in the trailer released by Nintendo Direct on February 17th. Published.

    Every Super Mario project will appear in the Animal Crossing game. This is the upcoming Animal Crossing with every new Super Mario item: New Horizons in March. Buy ACNH Bells can help players better show their strength. New Horizons in March will show players, a player wearing a Mario costume and running on the management, while on both sides are other Super Mario Bros.

    In March, players can visit the sale store and enter the promotional tab to get new products. It is not clear whether Nintendo promises to limit how players can purchase a large number of items every day because they must carry out promotions, but Nintendo is likely to require players to speed up their purchases to prevent exhausting everything.