Animal Crossing: Where Celeste went when he left the island

  • Among countless NPC players. Celeste is the sister of the museum owner. He likes to gaze at celebrities and educate players in the wonders of the night sky. When discovering Celeste wandering in the city at night, some players may wonder where she will go-and whether they can find her hidden somewhere on the island.

    Celeste may appear on the player's island at night. She will also arrive on the night of the meteor shower. If the player tracks her, she will give them a DIY recipe every time they visit. ACBellsBuy store can also help players get DIY recipes, Buy ACNH Bells is one of the ways. When showing a product player made of star fragments, she will tell them this short mythical story.

    After Celeste leaves the player's island every day, she can spend her time on another Animal Crossing island. Other villagers can also wander on the mysterious island visited by the player, so she may spend hours of sunshine traveling to find the best place to find the night sky.

    Another theory always believes that Celeste can be in a museum. In past animal crossing games, she got help from her brother running the museum. Buy ACNH Gold can be the closest thing to the truth. According to the introduction, she ran the museum's observatory. Once the sun rose, she returned to the museum and sought the hospitality of her brother to sleep, and then lost her celebrity status when night fell.

    Although achievable, Celeste, like any other animal crossing NPC, is irregular on this tropical island, but her appearance is almost magical. Fans’ expectations for future updates have not been confirmed, but Animal Crossing may provide more information about stargazing owls and may re-add them to the museum's daily activities.