Animal Crossing: What you need to do before embarking on a new

  • Animal Crossing provides players with a year-long tropical vacation. By completing the collection of decorative objects, catching fish and bugs, making beautiful clothes, and establishing relationships with other villagers, it took several months for the fans of Animal Crossing to create complex and personalized preservation files.

    Players must choose as long as they want to open a whole new island. Because of this setting, the ACBellsBuy store has long been loved by players. Because there is merely one save register for each animal crossing the region, starting in Animal Crossing means deleting the elaborate island home.

    There are many reasons to erase the original island settings. At the beginning of each new game, the player will be shown four preset island options. The water characteristics of the island have subtle changes in each place. The river ends the land in different ways, providing an alternative landscape for the player's future projects, and it is possible to build a brand new town.

    Deleting a human animal to cross the island and start over will also reset the residents of the town. Because of the restrictions of the game rules, Buy Animal Crossing Items became the player's first choice. In the past, a town could only accommodate 10 animals crossing the villagers, usually by visiting random mysterious islands or visiting friends' islands when the villagers moved out.

    There is also another situation. Sometimes there are animal crossing fans who want to move the entire population of their town out. Rather than looking for different ways to redesign the area, starting a brand new game may bring the necessary excitement, allowing players to set off on the journey again, upgrade their apartments, expand their towns and re-experience the benefits of Animal Crossing.