Animal Crossing: Explore the mysterious meteor shower

  • A meteor shower across the fresh horizon will produce beautiful scenery. Animal Crossing players want meteors to flow through the starry sky, but it is difficult to know whether a meteor shower will occur. For all players of Animal Crossing, the appearance of a meteor shower requires luck.

    The game starts after 7 pm, and fans must use the right joystick to check the night sky to determine if there are stars. ACBellsBuy stores sell items to help explore meteor showers, such as ACNH Bells. To get hot meteors, walk in the city like stars are twinkling. Meteor showers may be difficult to cross this tropical island. This event occurs randomly on any day of the week, regardless of other factors.

    Running a town on an animal crossing game may be interesting for players who like casual simulation games, but animal crossing still keeps players busy with many activities throughout the year. A meteor shower is an event sought by many players, and every player hopes to encounter a meteor shower because it represents good luck.

    On the second day after watching the meteor shower, the player can perform the next activity on the beach. The content is to find scattered fragments, combine the fragments into a shell, and then wash the bottle. Buy ACNH Bells can help collect debris. If the animal traversers were looking for enough meteors the night before, they could collect about 20 stars. They can find regular star fragments, large star fragments, and zodiac fragments.

    The zodiac fragments change according to the constellation throughout the year, and the month changes. Participants are busy collecting each type. Interstellar debris allows you to make a variety of different recipes, from space-themed walls and floors to large rocket decorations. The exploration activities are very fun and relaxing, plus the meteor shower is a great choice.