Animal Crossing: Show all kinds of beautiful spring here

  • In real life, the temperature gradually rises, animals travel through the winter and usher in spring. The developers of Animal Crossing are ready for the game update. As the weather gets warmer, the animal crossing game will be played in many ways.

    Spring is usually a colorful and exciting time. As the game prepares to usher in the first anniversary, there may be many new challenges to face. Spring is not just the season of cherry blossoms but also the growing season of events. Buying ACNH Bells can help you directly participate in events and win major events. Players can conduct many activities in March, April, and May, such as Easter, Bunny Festival, and Nature Festival.

    For those who were able to participate in the Spring Animal Crossing event a year ago, they may already have a lot of different bright decorations, usually taken out of the warehouse, these decorations you need to decorate on the island. Lovers of crossing animals should consider designing a fresh park for the island or building a spring flowerbed to improve the location.

    The New Year is also a fresh start. Participate in important animal crossing families with many participants. In the 2021 Animal Crossing game, more players will submit their ideas. The ACBellsBuy store will sell items that satisfy players, including ACNH Bells. Since new spring decorations are available, players must make room to make sure they can create some new items that they might buy.

     Although some areas are still cold, start thinking about what the player should do to prepare for the warmer months ahead, do it ahead of time now, and mark the upcoming spring events in the calendar much later. Use it as early as possible, so players will not miss the opportunity to enjoy community entertainment when using it with villagers on the island.

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