Celebrate the festival of colors with the animal crossing villa

  • Animal Crossing has updated the modern festival: Animal Crossing Color. The main purpose of the activity is to allow players to discover feathers in multiple colors. These feathers are very beautiful, different colors put together like a flower, each color has its beauty. This activity is very attractive to girls.

    Animal Crossing will continue to release new content for players for seasonal and festive events. The ACBellsBuy store will even update modern versions of goods as soon as possible, such as ACNH Bells. These are usually seasonal items, so they do become obsolete quickly, but players who wish to collect each item should cherish a large number of activities they actively participate in.

    Colored feathers will be produced on the island for players to collect. Colored feathers will be introduced into the game. During this time, players will be able to accumulate special feathers on the island and transport them to the island. Players can convert the collected feathers into furniture items.

    Animal Crossing's Viva Festivale invites players to get colorful feathers. Colored feathers are seasonal items for animal crossing. If you don't want to miss the exciting game, you can ACNH buy Bell to make the game smoother. This means that once the game time is over, players will not be able to participate in the event again. A friendly reminder to players and friends that these feathers will appear in a variety of colors so that they can be found all over the island.

    The most exciting part of this event will be the exclusive items that players can get at these events. If you miss this game, players will have to wait a whole year to find them again.