The development history of animal crossing

  • Animal crossing games are usually social simulator games that allow players to define desert islands by themselves. Other players can visit these islands and interact. This is indeed a new world developed by people's boring lives. For those who are new to this phenomenon, the game is very simple.

    The Animal Crossing franchise began in 2001, when Nogami, now 49, thought it was difficult to adapt to the title of the game after mentioning that his newlyweds worked in the same room. They pointed out that this is bad, but they want to meet more friends and face more new challenges. During the discussion, the ACBellsBuy store was also born, which is famous for selling ACNH Bells. Based on their experience, the two parties discussed the concept of game missions, where players can become friends.

    The daily affairs of Nintendo's development department involve topics that ordinary people cannot understand. The topic content maybe breakfasts, lunch, or scenery. The topic can be anything. It is speculated that the participants always complain about the theory of crossing games, and their opinions are strange. When you find differences, they can be merged, so you need to discuss them. Discussion is a very time-consuming process.

    These purposeless conversations are designed to break things down into smaller elements and then combine them to generate new ideas. Any reason or event has become the fuse of the discussion, including whether buying Nook Miles Tickets will help players. The important thing is the fact no one must think about where or where to begin a conversation. They all think their views are correct and ask other friends to agree.

    In the era of pandemics, the emphasis on the tradition of small talk is usually a hot topic. The idea of ​​the game and many other ideas were inspired by small chats between colleagues on the Nintendo team. Nintendo's free-style innovation culture has shaped cross-world games.