Animal crossing adds a mysterious drink

  • New Animal Crossing: The Vacation Vacation Juice project of Pocket Camp, which looks like the name of the wine, is misunderstood by players. The fact is ordinary juice, although the name of the series is misleading.

    Animal Crossing will add holiday juices that are not non-alcoholic in any way. This is usually a dangerous attempt. Similar incidents have occurred before. Such new updates are not allowed. Purchasing ACNH Nook Miles Tickets will enable the game to be updated initially and get a more timely experience than other games. Holiday juice is the last thing Nintendo has to worry about lately. What's interesting is that the series' initial flawless family-friendly record does help to eliminate worries about loot boxes.

    Don't be confused when using the upcoming Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It is time for Nintendo to postpone the new title determined by the island. It will be released in March 2020. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a medium-sized free mobile game. A few fans are eager. Although this is a far cry on the number of criminals within the harmful mobile gaming industry, the country's previous ruling was that the behavior was an unregulated sort of gambling, which resulted in you performed a distinctive predatory behavior, and that is prohibited.

    As the first theme of the animal kingdom, Nintendo's cutest, quite a few family-friendly series of games stand out: Pocket Camp adds a friendly juice item and does not drink alcohol in any way. The ACBellsBuy store is very popular, among which ACNH Items sells the best, and players like it very much. The developers in the game gave the animals a good reputation for harmlessness to these new drinks, which brought them a surprise. It's fair to say that these lovely creatures should rely on them to relax and relax drinking.

    Either way, Nintendo may eventually be able to cope with the difficulties encountered in the upgrade process, and it will also give players an advanced experience. Nintendo postponed Animal Crossing, so developers can maintain a balance between work and life. This idea is great.