Animal crossing is slowly changing my habits

  • In the real world, to work time may slow down, to better relax, I fell in love with the animal crossing game, in the game, there are changing seasons, there are many friends here, game life and reality are the biggest The difference, I am very happy here, I enjoy my time here.

    The season of animal crossing is constantly changing, and I also need to work hard to build my island. I did a lot of preparatory work. I trimmed the weeds, moved in many villagers, and started collecting small animals to fill the museum on this island. I often go to the ACBellsBuy store, where I can buy my favorite ACNH Bells. I paid a lot of labor and got a good return. The money I got was spent on building bridges and ramps to make the rugged terrain of the area easier to navigate.

    Initially, I only made a small profit by exchanging carrot islands, but when you cooperate with some other players, you can make millions of dollars, and when other players provide carrots on the island, you can make another player's island. Daily labor has become my little hobby, and I have to check it every day. Over time, this small project was gradually established.

    The most extracted material from the rocks on each island involves a complex process of digging two holes and then repeatedly observing them for a few seconds. Buying ACNH Nook Miles Tickets can help me not to wait boringly. The rocks on the island will eventually stop spitting out material and will exhaust the fruits picked from the trees. To pick fruit, first, shake a tree, and then pick up each piece separately.

    Besides, you can continue to do some work, such as finding bugs and fish, but inevitably, players may encounter part of the task that will be completed tomorrow. I played for hours without forgetting the time. On the contrary, I must keep in mind the day of the week, because I will have different tasks in different periods. I am full and busy in the animal crossing game.