Steam detailed introduction

  • The Steam platform is currently the world's largest comprehensive digital distribution platform. Players can purchase games, software, download, discuss, upload, and share on this platform. After registering, players can enjoy the right to use the steam platform for free, and the paid games on the platform must be purchased online through the steam platform or paid at an agent retailer.

    There are two ways to upgrade your Steam account: purchasing games and synthesizing medals.
    Buying a game adds 1 point of experience. Up to one level requires 100 experience points.
    Synthetic medals are also called semi-purchase synthesis. Synthetic medals require cards. Cards are randomly dropped during gameplay. Successfully synthesize a medal will have 100 experience points. You can upgrade your account if you gain experience points. The total number of randomly dropped cards in the game is half of all the cards in the game, and the remaining half needs to be obtained from the steam trading market or other platforms such as MMOSO.

    The higher the Steam level, the higher the credibility, the higher the player level the player contacts, the more friends can be added, and more than 5 friends can be added to each level. The higher the level, the richer the player’s homepage. The most important thing is that the higher the level, the greater the probability of obtaining a card pack in the subsequent game, and the greater the possibility of combining cards.

    Finally, another advantage of the MMOSO platform is that they have a wealth of purchasable services that can meet the needs of players of different levels. Customer service is online all day. They can solve the problems encountered by our players during the purchase process at any time. Come experience it.