Ok... you just created an account for RS

  • Lastly, the Magatrice pouch. Speak to Pikkupstix and OSRS gold inquire about Magatrices. He will inform you that you need one of each basic elemental rune (water, air, fire, earth), although not the traditional ones. They need to be special runes, created from Blessed Essence. Head to the Magic Shop in Varrock, also inquire Aubury about Blessed Essence. He understands about this essence, but the teleport matrix into the Blessed Essence mines is somewhat iffy.

    He needs some help refining the matrix, and to do this, he needs one of each elemental mystic staff. Mine four bits of Blessed Essence, and visit the respective altars. As soon as you have one of each Blessed Element Rune, go to a Summoning Obelisk and unveil a Magatrice pouch, with 45 shards, a blue allure, along with the runes.

    Now you have all of the components, return into the Nature Spirit and then use them on him. A cutscene will happen by which he fusing the components together, however, obviously... something goes haywire. A Nature Titan (level 216) may look, and begin attacking you. It employs all three types of attack, but his attacks simply do about 20 damage. He's relatively high defence and 250 HP, so it may take a bit to defeat. After defeating the titan, the Nature Spirit will now correctly infuse all the elements, teaching you the Organic Magicks!

    Ok... you just created an account for RS. You get on the login screen and buy RS gold are oh so excited to play RS to your very first time! But what's this? Is that some text that says,"Elf"??? AM I GOING CRAZY??? No you are not...