They agree that you need to retrieve the Staff Of Armadyl

  • You speak with Reldo and that he informs you information about the Silverlight, and the way that it may only be a means to revive Wally. So, Reldo says to OSRS gold speak with anyone in the Magic Guild, to teleport you to a chamber with the Silverlight, to try reserection. Use the Silverlight together with 20 air, water, head, dust, and mud runes to revive Wally!

    Visit Varrock Castle and speak with King Roald and inform him you've revived Wally. Wally will then walk into the room alongside the rest of the leaders of Crux Eqal will enter the space for a meeting. They all welcome Wally to the army and now plot to the army's next move.

    They agree that you need to retrieve the Staff Of Armadyl, as well as retrieve history on the god to have the ability to find an understanding of a complete history that's been lost. Wally then indicate they lead an assault on Goblin Village, also Nulodion agrees. He says they can prepare in the Gnome Fortress above Falador. You and the military prepare. You're proposed to talk to Radimus Erkle at the Legends' Guild.

    Talk with him and he will join the army and is going to buy RuneScape Mobile gold assist you in obtaining the Staff of Armadyl. You will then be teleported by Radimus to the Heroes' Guild to obtain help there as well, and gain more recruits to your army.