He is not dead, but Lord Iorworth was tougher than he thought

  • He is not dead, but Lord Iorworth was tougher than he thought. You'll need to continue his battle. Ariannwyn provides you 2 presents for OSRS gold the fight. He teaches you the Seren Focus spell. When used, this charm alters your spellbook to the Seren spellbook, finish with different missile spells, teleports, a few ability based charms, and others. Your spellbook reverts back after 3 minutes.

    It may autocast Seren charms whatever spellbook you've got. Additionally, it has a strong melee attack. You do not have to use it, but if you do, it requires 70 attack and 70 magic. Talk to Eluned when you are prepared, and she'll teleport you to Prifddinas.

    When you arrive, you will be next to Lord Iorworth. He'll look at you for another, and then congratulate you on foiling Iban only to die at his hands. He then attacks. As you can imagine, he is really high level, utilizes various styles of battle, and teleports around the stadium simply to disoriente you. I will spare the details, and only say this struggle is one worthy of a conclusion to Mourning's End.

    When his health is gone, he will heal himself and laugh at your face. Unexpectedly, his crystal weapon reverts back to seed form. He tries to recharge it, but can't. Iorworth then laps personally, but Eluned teleports in and stops him. The part of the tower he is standing on buy RuneScape Mobile gold also reverts back to its seed form, also Iorworth drops into his death. Below, you find the Rebel Elves carrying the town of Prifddinas.