I've watched all your 3 shorts just like 5 times per today

  • I don't play online that much either (I have just played my brother and Animal Crossing Bells sister several times each, rather than even the 3 of us in the exact same time), so that I too only really understand the beginning. Maybe it's a Great thing I do not play online a great deal afterward, as I am easily stressed out lol

    The eerie void of the settings screen where it's just youpersonally, also Tom Nook. Having a true dialog about the fake reality we occupy on our oceans, and what it means to delete your save information. Tom Nook looking at you with really tired eyes, forever cursed as the Virgil of this infernal place in which we share.

    I've watched all your 3 shorts just like 5 times per today. Love the blend of cutesy AC culture mixed with disturbia!!!!! Not unrealistic when so many people run around hitting our least favourite villagers with baits to get them to move out. It captures the hell that some villagers have to live on our islands that are imperfect.Hello ?? I perform graveshift and take care of my older mom so ACNH has been a huge escape for me. I've 2 islands, yes I am that crazy about this sport, nevertheless play with daily and love the friends I've made through ACNH.

    I'm a 26 year old mom of one. Yesterday I made my a Change account for my own son. Today we ran around the island, decorated his home, looked at the memorial, it was fun and he had a blast. I love the game because it is a place where I could just relax, and Nook Miles Ticket For Sale today I can watch as my little one loves the world I made. I started doing giveaways despite having my entire island finished, it is fun. Thus far the community is amazing also.