Bring all of the items back to Trader Stan and he'll tell you t

  • His ship was sunk close to OSRS gold the fishing platform so go there. Once on the Fishing Platform go to the southern most fishing spot and cast your rod. After catching a couple of fish you may discover Longbow Ben's Golden Peg Leg. Bring it back to him and he'll provide you his peg leg. Bring all of the items back to Trader Stan and he'll tell you to do one final job.

    You must kill the Sea Serpent that sank a boat carrying 1/2 of the trading provides. Now grab the best mage or range equipment you've got and sail on Trader Stan's Vessel, that has been mended with two cannons and two catapults. Once the captain gets you to the location - Somewhere near Pirate's Cove - Wait for about a minute and the Serpent will apear. He will only stay over the water for a minute at a time so aim your shots wisely. Congratulations! Quest!

    Well, first lets talk about the basic idea of the mini-game in buy RS gold the first location. My idea is that, somewhere in Runescape there will be a big area (maybe about the size of clan wars or somewhat bigger:/) and in that region there is a giant stadium divide into four distinct segments to keep lower and higher level thieving players apart so the lower level players don't need to fret about easily getting pick pocketed by a higher level thief. Before you enter the arena there is a big (about the size of the Grand Exchange) construction where you input to get started.