Many mages do NOT utilize conflict magical to train

  • Some melee-users rely upon armor such as OSRS gold Karil's and black d'hide to protect them well from every form of battle. This permits them to be protected from magical attacks while still being able to strike hard with melee; ranged armor does not badly effect the use of melee-weapons.

    There are many popular melee weapons out today: the dragon scimitar, the abyssal whip, the DDS, the granite maul, the anchor, and (maybe most ardently ) the god sword. The god sword can easily hit over 50 damage, but since the DDS has the capacity to one-hit kill someone with 99 HP, I considered it the weapon hitting on the most harm.

    And today we arrive at magic. There is alchemy, naturally. It costs a lot these days, assuming you don't make the character runes and the items you are alching. Another way of raising your magic is the slow, dull method of the Mage Training Arena. I have completed it (made my mage's book), and it is okay for low cost. It is very slow, however, and thus boring.

    Many mages do NOT utilize conflict magical to train; the encounter given is terrible. Rather they may teleport (very expensive) or"mud staff". When one"mud staffs" they require lots of spirit runes or body runes and continuously cast it onto a target. To cheap RuneScape gold prevent it from functioning, they generally wear melee armor so that their magical attack lowers to the point where successfully casting it's impossible. This way is very dull and expensive, but more about the boring side.