There is no storyline or surprise

  • There should be more restriction on Animal Crossing Bells this. Literally so many posts of"Margie Wearing Glasses CuTe! 1" or "AnKhA on The Beach wow!" Like they are not even pointing out anything unique or special with the sport.

    Other items like obtaining a Jacob's Ladder blossom are far too repetitive. Like I'd know if they did more with all the post like displaying their five star staircase , but using a shaky mobile phone pic of this change revealing they got 5 stars and a screenshot is reduced work.


    There is no storyline or surprise when it comes to a sport like AC. I genuinely find it crazy when people are bothered by something as inconsequential as that. Together with trailers, reveals, and literal swapped hemisphere seasons folks are going to be vulnerable to inaccessible objects anyway. Just like why are ppl's experience ruined by viewing a hallowe'en item when there was literally an entire trailer showcasing all the new things?? It makes no sense .


    They are fine. People grieve differently and having it manifest in Cheap Animal Crossing Items a wholesome game like AC is endearing to see.