Nobody ever buys 601 or 613 runes/logs/ect

  • Additionally another option I believe that ought to RuneScape Mobile gold be earned is bidding, state person a puts up an item at say the minimum amount people can bid on it. It'd obviously work better if there was not a min and maximum price. This would make things even nearer to pos. Player Owned Shops

    Something I don't like about the grand exchange is the fact that players refuse to buy odd amounts of things. For example, I have 628 death runes available for sale. How in which the system is setup, someone could buy 500 runes from me, but I can't collect my money and they can not collect their items until all the runes are sold.

    Nobody ever buys 601 or 613 runes/logs/ect. The sum must end in zeros for your item to market. It is annoying. If a person just wants 500 runes, then they should be able to get their thing once they buy it, and I ought to be able to collect the cash for your 500 runes while I wait for another 128 100 runes to sell.

    Yes, we have all gone on cheap OSRS gold among them before. Going to Karamja, Law rune conducting etc. etc.. But about a boat players can buy, sell and maintain indefinately that is not a pursuit related product? Note that this doesn't necessarily need to be a kind of transportation ( But it would help if it had been ). Massive, HUGE ships, captained by players and crewed by friends and companions. Sail the seas into your hearts content.