It's 100% the texture

  • And then George Floyd died, in addition horrendous circumstances, and Animal Crossing Items that was the sole thing anybody was allowed to take care of. My fandom spaces I turned to for unwinding from RL activism were bombarded with images of violence (much of it also against disabled people, but that was quite seldom acknowleged) and tweets basically claiming that if I didn't retweet these and call myself awful things I had been a horrible person who would as well be killing them (again, many disabled) people too.

    I burnt out instantly and spent weeks feeling like a terrible person because of all of it. I never got to do anything to help out in my home town at all.American activists pushing their point of view into the entire world and then decry -imperialism/racism/colonialism/etc- when the planet as complex as it is, doesn't fit into their narrow view of"correct", title a more iconic duo.This stuff is very US-centric. Other areas do not have such powerful political concepts of cultural appropriation, or the idea which you may do something profoundly racist without meaning to.

    It's 100% the texture, this specific hairstyle has been added in an update pack filled with Black hairstyles and textures that the game previously lacked (braids, afros, fades, etc). Don't in any way agree with this woman getting doxxed, but the hairstyle IS meant to be Black hair.Even if it's intended to be that, and if there was not any doxxing... What's the harm in saying"normally, it is black hair, but for this specific character, in this participant's creativity, it's space buns"? It's play pretend all of it anyways, whatever fits on your thoughts theatre.

    Not like her using it that way takes away from buy Animal Crossing Bells black people getting representative hairstyles.This was the definition of items spiraling out of control, because the first point (the hairstyle ought to be called afro puffs not space buns, as you can see the texturing on the hair) was lost in the following deluge (can it be cultural appropriation to put on a hair style in a video game).