As dragon grade objects need 60 Defence and 60 Attack

  • Range Pure. Another One Defence Pure who specializes in OSRS gold Ranged combat fashion. Players who had selected to be a ranger often also level Attack and Strength abilities so they will be able to equip things like Dragon Dagger or Granite Maul. Though those items don't fit to a ranged weaponry, they're picked for a reason. The objective of this build is to perform high levels of constant damage while surprising your enemy using a unique attack of either Dagger or Maul when he's in low health. It is a trendy build used by most players due to high attack and surprise element.

    Range Tank. Getting additional points in Defence lets those players utilize Barrows equipment. They usually also aim for 94 Magic to cast Vengeance during a struggle.

    Dragon Pure. As dragon grade objects need 60 Defence and 60 Attack, those stats are essential to get Dragon Pure. The typical rate inside this composition is Dragon Scimitar plus a Dragon Dagger (p++) for an additional surprise element that comes from its distinctive attack. People who want to add even more spice to this construct can also go for Dragon Claws special attack.

    Barrows Pure. Last but not least, we have a Barrows accounts on this list. Just as its name saysit makes use of the Barrows gear, which necessitates 70 Defence. Another stat that is normally leveled is Prayer, capped at 70 for its Piety prayer. Attack and Power levels also must be raised so that the player will be able to wear things like Dharok's greataxe. Since these accounts usually max nearly everything except for Defence and Prayer, they aren't as prohibitive as other pures. Many gamers who choose this path for their account are maining them. It means that they also make use of PvE content and cheap RuneScape Mobile gold other features than battle abilities.