Air Jordan 1 High OG "University Blue" 555088-134 Released in F

  • New Jordan 2020 series release plan has been officially released! After all, 2020 has basically come to an end, and the limited release in early 2021 is on the agenda! This listing includes 9 pairs! The basic AJ1 was all filled before ~ ​​silver toe, North Carolina blue, yellow and black, etc. are listed!
    The Air Jordan 1 High OG University Blue will arrive in the spring of 2021 with a landing date of February 20, 2021. The pair paid tribute to Jordan's college days at Chapel Hill, because there are rumors that the pair used "Chicago." With the classic Tar Heel blue contrast effect. The toe caps, ankles, soles of the feet and eyes all look freely in the bright and cool tones, while the neutral colors of black and white are located below. The color is familiar, this pair of buckles adopts real tones and is used throughout the leather structure. The latter decorates the mid-panel on the toe cap and then matches it with the nylon of the tongue; the former is placed parallel, wraps the instep with flat laces, and modifies the side profile and collar with usual brand fixing devices.
    From the return of Mens Air Jordan 4 SE University Blue to the blowout sale of the public view, we can see that most of the colors that have been released or exposed are mainly bright colors, and the earth color system is rarely seen. Only the SB Dunk made in the classic AF1 color-wheat color was released in the past few weeks. We can see that the color matching is made of dark yellow all over, which also corresponds to its color name "Wheat Mocha", but the color of this release is darker than the previously exposed color, showing a sense of old age, is it compatible with the sky-high price of SB-yellow The texture and color of the lobster are very similar. It is reported that it will be released soon, and interested friends can pay attention to the follow-up sales details that I bring.
    We can see that there are more and more news about the new color matching of the Air Jordan 1 recently, and they will be released next year. Does Nike want to bloom more next year? The exposure this time is the Zoom series in the AJ1 series. This new color scheme is mainly white, and the Swoosh is gray. There is obvious thickening at the upper.