The use of natural gas vehicles can achieve better social benef


    At present, for convenience, so-called gas vehicles usually include CNG, LNG, and LPG vehicles.

    CNG vehicles, also known as compressed natural gas vehicles. Liquefied natural gas is LNG placed in a low-pressure insulated container on the car, and LNG is an LNG vehicle. LPG is used in oilfield light hydrocarbon recovery equipment. When processing natural gas and petroleum refining, there are by-products of propane and butane. They are also part of the natural gas composition, which is easier to liquefy, but under normal pressure. The gaseous state is very similar to everyday domestic liquefied gas. It can also be used as a fuel for automobiles. This is LPG, also known as liquefied petroleum gas.

    Both have high economic benefits. The maintenance cost is low, the natural gas is easy to diffuse, it is easy to evenly mix with the air in the engine, the combustion is relatively complete, clean, it is not easy to produce carbon deposits, the explosion-proof performance is good, and the lubricating oil will not be diluted. As a result, the wear of parts in the engine cylinder is greatly reduced, and the life of the engine and the life of lubricating oil is greatly increased. These will reduce the maintenance and operating costs of the car, and improve the economy of car use.

    There are better social benefits. Compared with petroleum fuels, gas fuels have less energy loss during the preparation process and have less harmful emissions to the atmosphere.

    CNG, LNG and LPG vehicles are very reliable. Natural gas itself is lighter than air, leaks slightly, and quickly diffuses into the atmosphere. Various parts of the gas fuel system, especially the sealing parts, have to undergo strict inspections. Therefore, natural gas is safer as a vehicle fuel.

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