It Is Best To Choose Smooth Cotton Sofa Fabric For Pets

  • How you plan to use the sofa should also specify the materials used for decoration. Will it be placed in a place where you often entertain guests and the sofa might splash? Or should it be used in rooms with little traffic, such as home offices or bedrooms?

    Once the placement location is determined, you also need to understand the different characteristics of each Sofa fabric relative to the sofa location.

    For example, in a room that is rarely used, a texture blend like wool is a better choice. If you have pets, the best choice is a smooth cotton fabric that can be easily washed if necessary. At the same time, durable materials (such as a mixture of microfiber and corduroy) can be used in living rooms and other places to entertain guests.

    However, please note that dark fabrics (especially natural fabrics such as wool) must not be placed in direct sunlight to prevent fading. Therefore, if you plan to add a sofa near a window or door, you can choose a sofa made of fade-resistant material or a sofa with a lighter shade.