Types Of Curtain Fabrics


    Curtain is an essential soft decoration. A suitable curtain can not only block the sun or protect privacy, but also decorate the indoor environment, so people attach great importance to the choice of curtains. The following editor will introduce to you what types of home Curtain fabric?

    There are many home curtain fabrics on the market, such as: real silk, linen, polyester and pure cotton. When buying curtains, you must pay attention to its texture, and then buy according to your own preferences.

    The first type: flannel curtains

    Flannel curtains are used more frequently in life, especially in some high-end homes. Flannel curtains are more textured. They have a soft hand and a strong drape. The material reacts chemically with fibers and has strong color fastness. , But it has a strong suction power and is heavy and difficult to clean.

    The second kind: cotton and linen curtains

    For some users who love nature, this material is suitable. It is simple and natural, has a soft luster and good moisture absorption and breathability, but it lacks elasticity. It is easy to wrinkle, shrink and lose shape after washing, and easy to fade.

    The third type: plastic aluminum blinds

    The curtains of this kind of material have very good shading properties and are easy to clean. They are very suitable for cooking areas where the smell of oily smoke is heavy, but they cannot block mosquitoes. Even though the colors on the market increase at present, the aesthetics are not as good as traditional fabric curtains.

    Fourth: Polyester curtains

    The curtains of this material can be waterproof and oil resistant, and are also very resistant to sunlight. They are very good for cooking areas and toilets, but their moisture absorption and air permeability are poor, and their dyeing properties are not good.

    The fifth type: wooden curtain
    This kind is mainly made of wood products and is similar to rattan weaving. It gives people a feeling of being close to nature. It has a rustic and idyllic flavor. It has good air permeability and does not transmit light. It is suitable Used indoors where a dark environment is required.