Tell this shocking information to Ariannwyn

  • Whichever one you choose will tell you Eluned told them about your fight with RuneScape gold the Tracker, and that because you're so good with a halberd, you could consider a crystal , which they have remembered how to create. Ilfeen will begin a conversation about your previous experiences. She then concludes that you may make a good apprentice, also asks that you examine the Chanting of Seren.

    Since you are not an elf, however, you'd only ever be able to do it together with an elf, or by using a crystal made especially for whatever job you're doing. Accept, you will see several cutscenes of your self learning the fundamentals. You are given a distinctive crystal, and are told to use this on various lamps round Isafdar to determine if they are corrupted. You know they are because if they are, a larger hero will look. Now you can get crystal pikes from Ilfeen and Iswylyn.

    When both missions are completed, report to Ariannwyn to your most dangerous assignment yet. You will be asked to report to King Lathas of Ardougne and spy on him to find out what he's going with Iorworth. Go to Ardougne and speak with King Lathas about what occurred in Regicide.

    He'll thank you for your services, and state that he has rewarded you. There will be a knock on the door, and you will be asked to leave. Listen at doorway and you will hear a dialogue between King Lathas and among Lord Iorworth's men. You'll find out that you were never intended to be their pawn in killing Tyras, but you knew too much, so he tried sending you into Iban's grip. Unfortunately for them, you conquer Iban, which set back their plans, so that they made up for this with you kill Tyras. The two will then agree the assault will probably happen at sundown.

    Tell this shocking information to Ariannwyn, who'll inform you that you need to locate their strategies. Since you have already proven your abilities more than once, several elves will be discharged under your command to infiltrate Prifddinas and find a copy of those programs. Head back to the side gate with your entire mourner equipment, and speak with the elven spies. Tell the city shield the"recruits" are together with you. Don't forget to wear your mourner disguise at all times till it is possible to find a different disguise. Once within buy RS gold this town, go back to Death Guard HQ, but turn westand mind into the armor shop.