Plastic Injection Mold Very Special

  • List the characteristics of an Automotive Mold: the appearance is limited. Take the chair as an example. The structure of the plastic chair is many simple and modern styles. Due to the limitation of the production process and material characteristics, it is difficult to produce a more stable appearance; the processing difficulty, Plastic furniture rarely sees multiple connections, and the skeleton is still mainly made of metal. This requires high requirements for the accuracy of the mold in the design and processing stages, otherwise serious problems will occur in the connection between different materials in the later period; the strength is not enough, the seat or back surface of the chair can be removed by the side, back ribs, and metal skeleton. Make-up, but will increase the cost and affect the aesthetics; of course, plastic parts also have many advantages, which are easy to transport (not conflicting with the beginning). The plastic parts used in the furniture have multiple impact-resistant materials, which will not leave defects when impacted by external forces. , And then can recover on its own; plastic parts can be processed into responsible shapes, such as irregular curved surfaces, and the main cost is mold. However, changing to wood materials requires high losses and processing costs. Generally speaking, steel pipes are the new representative of the Bauhaus era, and plastic parts are the new favorites of furniture after steel pipes, and they are well received by the new generation of designers in Europe and the United States. The use of it. New York designer Karim Rashid has designed a large number of household items with plastic and plastic as the main materials, among which Home Appliance Mold accounts for a large part. If you are interested, you can search for it.