Safety Of Bumper Mold

  • The car bumper is a safety device that absorbs and relaxes the external impact and protects the front and rear of the body. Generally, it is composed of three parts: Plastic Injection Mold, cushioning material, and beam. Plastic bumpers have strength, rigidity and decoration. From a safety point of view, they can act as a buffer when a car crashes and protect the front and rear car bodies; from the appearance point of view, they can be naturally integrated with the car body and become a whole Integral, with very good decoration, become an important part of decorating the car's appearance.

    Bumper Mold mainly has two basic structures, external parting and internal parting. Generally, the bumpers of low-end cars mostly adopt the outer parting structure, and the bumpers of middle and high-end cars mostly adopt the inner parting structure.