China Medical Vaccine Refrigerators Manufacturers Introduces Th


    China Medical Vaccine Refrigerators Manufacturers introduces the working principle of refrigeration cycle:

    1. Compression process: The refrigerated steam is compressed into superheated steam with greater heat. When the pressure reaches a certain value at the critical temperature, the gas will liquefy. When the temperature reaches above the boiling point of a gas at a certain pressure, gasification will occur, and heat will be absorbed from the environment during gasification to achieve refrigeration.
    2. Refrigerant: The gaseous substance used for refrigeration is mostly Freon. Because it pollutes the atmosphere, it is now mostly replaced by non-polluting refrigerants.
    3. Condensation process: The superheated steam exchanges heat with the condensed water or air in the condenser to become saturated steam and then into saturated liquid. When the condensate is cooled, the temperature of the saturated liquid continues to decrease and subcooling occurs.
    4. Closure process: The liquid from the condenser is throttled by the expansion valve and becomes low-temperature and low-pressure wet steam.
    5. Evaporation process: low-pressure wet steam absorbs heat in the evaporator for cooling, and the gas coming out of the evaporator becomes dry saturated steam or slightly hot superheated steam.

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