Medical Face Masks Manufacturers Introduces The Use Process Of


    Medical Face Masks Manufacturers introduces the proper use of refrigerators:

    1. The use of the refrigerator temperature compensation switch is a wide-climate charged refrigerator designed according to the characteristics of the large temperature difference between the north and south of my country. In the case of low ambient temperature (below 10°C), please turn on the temperature compensation switch for normal use. When the ambient temperature is low, if the temperature compensation switch is not turned on, the compressor's working frequency will be significantly reduced or not working, turn on

    The machine time is short and the downtime is long, which causes the temperature of the freezer to be too high and the frozen food cannot be completely frozen. Therefore, the temperature compensation switch must be turned on to use. (The principle is that when the ambient temperature is lower than 10 degrees Celsius, you need to turn on the switch to heat the refrigerator compartment to make the refrigerator work passively, so that the temperature of the freezer compartment can maintain a low-temperature freezing state.) Turn on the temperature compensation switch and Does not affect the service life of the refrigerator. When the winter is over and the ambient temperature rises and the ambient temperature is higher than 15℃, please turn off the temperature compensation switch. In this way, you can avoid frequent starting of the compressor and save electricity.

    2. How to use the refrigerator thermostat. The working time and power consumption of the refrigerator are greatly affected by the ambient temperature during use. Therefore, we need to choose different gears in different seasons. The refrigerator thermostat should be turned on in summer. High-end to block the winter. When the ambient temperature in summer is high, it should be used in weak gears 2 and 3; when the ambient temperature in winter is low, it should be used in strong gears 4 and 5: In summer, the ambient temperature is high (up to 30°C). If the temperature inside the freezer is at a strong block (4, 5) and reaches below -18°C, the temperature difference between the inside and outside is large, so it is difficult for the temperature inside the box to drop by 1°C. In addition, the loss of cold air through the box insulation layer and door seal will also speed up, so that the start-up time is very long and the shutdown time is very short, which will cause the compressor to run for a long time at high temperatures, which is costly

    Electricity can easily damage the compressor. If it is changed to the weak gear (2, 3 gears) at this time, it will be found that the refrigerator has a significantly shorter start-up time, which reduces the wear of the compressor and prolongs the service life. Therefore, when the summer is hot, the temperature control is adjusted to weak. When the ambient temperature in winter is low, if the thermostat is still adjusted to the weak position, so the temperature difference between inside and outside is small, the compressor will not be easy to start, and the single refrigeration system will be difficult to start.Traditional refrigerators may also experience the phenomenon of freezing in the freezer.

    3. Location: When placing the refrigerator, make sure that there is enough space around the refrigerator. Reserve 10cm on both sides and back, and reserve 10cm of space above. Sufficient space can ensure better heat dissipation of the refrigerator.

    4. The correct setting temperature of the refrigerator compartment is 5-7 degrees, which can ensure the fresh-keeping effect of the food, and also avoid the waste of resources caused by the temperature setting being too low.

    5. The refrigerator uses 220V, 50Hz single-phase AC power supply. If the voltage is very large or unstable, it will affect the normal operation of the compressor and cause the compressor to burn. Pay attention to protect the insulation layer of the power cord of the refrigerator. It is not recommended to modify or lengthen the power cord without authorization. Do not turn on the refrigerator immediately after it is placed, and let it stand for at least 2 hours before turning it on to prevent oil circuit failure.

    6. In order to make full use of the refrigerator, many friends fill up the refrigerator, which not only increases power consumption, but also overloads the refrigerator and affects its service life. It is recommended that the food in the refrigerator should not be overfilled, and the space should be properly reserved. In addition, don't put hot food directly into the refrigerator, and put it in the refrigerator after it has been cooled thoroughly. Do not put glassware in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator to prevent freezing Cracked and damaged.

    Through the above introduction, China Medical Vaccine Refrigerators Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.