Medical Vaccine Refrigerators Factory Introduces The Cleaning R


    Medical Vaccine Refrigerators Factory introduces the cleaning rules of medical refrigerators:
    1. Clean the medical refrigerator once a month. Regular cleaning can keep the refrigerator in a brand new appearance;
    2. Use a dry cloth to wipe off a small amount of dust on the shell, inside and all accessories of the medical refrigerator. If the medical refrigerator is very dirty, use a neutral detergent to clean it, and then wipe the detergent with a cloth soaked in clean water;
    3. Do not pour water on or in the case of the medical refrigerator, otherwise it may damage the electrical insulation and cause malfunctions;
    4. In the rainy season, water vapor is easy to condense on the surface of the glass door of the refrigerator, and dripping may occur in serious cases. Please wipe it with a dry cloth at an appropriate time, and normal use will not be affected.