China Non-medical Disposable Face Mask Factory Introduces The A


    China Non-Medical Disposable Face Mask Factory introduces the difference between industrial-grade masks and medical-grade masks:

    1. Different working environments: industrial-grade masks are used in industrial environments, and medical-grade masks are generally used for medical staff or protective measures.

    2. Different functions: Medical-grade masks have functions such as preventing bacteria, viruses, and blocking liquid splashes, while industrial-grade masks have functions such as dust-proof and harmful dust prevention, and cannot block liquid splashes.

    3. Different breathing valves: the function of the breathing valve is to directly discharge the microorganisms out of the mask. The medical-grade mask does not have a breathing valve, because a sterile environment is required during the operation; the industrial-grade mask has a breathing valve, and in the industrial environment, the exhaled The gas flows slowly with the outside air in the sealed condition. The function of the breathing valve is to accelerate the air circulation, especially to reduce the hot and humid discomfort in the sealed environment.

    4. Difference in the number of times of use: Industrial-grade masks mainly include disposable anti-virus and dust masks, reusable anti-virus and dust masks, and recyclable anti-virus and dust masks. Different types are used for different times; while medical-grade masks generally belong to Disposable masks are not recommended to be used multiple times. They should be discarded in time after each use to avoid cross infection.