About The Sitting Posture Of Ergonomic Gaming Chairs

  • Long hours of desk work or study have brought some unavoidable damage to our health, so in addition to walking around frequently, we also have to put some thoughts into our seats. And ergonomic gaming chairs would be a good choice.

    Ergonomic gaming chairs have good ventilation and heat dissipation characteristics, comfortable and health care, and can prevent the growth of bacteria in the chair during use. And it can reduce the area of pressure on the buttocks, press the acupoints where the force is applied, promote blood circulation in the buttocks, avoid strain on the neck, shoulders, and waist, and keep you healthy.

    However, the best seat needs to have the correct sitting posture. The correct seat cushion height must be adjusted so that your feet can be placed flat on the ground, and the bending angle of your thighs is 90°; the depth of the seat cushion should be lower than you Sit on the bottom of the seat cushion and adjust the depth of the seat cushion appropriately so that the seat cushion can effectively support more than 2/3 of the area of the thigh, and the bending angle of the thigh and calf is 90°; the height of the armrest should be adjusted to the arm and The elbow is at 90°, and the arm hangs down naturally, without any hanging shoulders, it is correct. Long-term unsupported or poorly supported arms can cause shoulder pain or frozen shoulder, which has a huge impact on health.

    A good gaming chair naturally needs a good gaming table, and an ergonomic gaming desk is very good.