I thought of rangeing for a short time to earn some extra money

  • Well, at the moment , i'm at 80 Magic and trying to think ahead for runescape 3 gold my 99. I've worked out some different calculations to calculate the costs of various spells below. What I want to know is whether the method I'm thinking of using is worth the effort or should I keep using the old alching!

    That's the plan I'm planning to implement. What I'm looking for is are the effects of plank that make it very difficult (as as in lots of clicking?) If yes, would I be better off sticking to high alchemy all the way to 99 (Method 3)? Well, I'm not too sure about this particular method since I've never tried it out. I'd like to know if, what happens when you click to cast the spell, will it instantly create everything in the clay (if I'm using clay) soft or will I have to click each clay one-by-one?

    This is what I had initially planned to accomplish up to 99. Hello guys! Could I ask for your suggestions on which method you would prefer to go about it. (By I'm also strapped on cash , so 10 million is my max to spend for this!) If anyone could tell me what experience they have had with humidity and how fast it is (exp rates per hour, etc.) I'd appreciate it! and if you're able to recommend a few better methods to apply it, I'd be grateful for it!

    I thought of rangeing for a short time to earn some extra money. (I have 75 range and 81 defense) I will be using full armadyls, runecbows and broad bolts. Should i train on iron dragones or Avies? Notes: Iron dragones I'll collect any charms, all the dragon's mid-helms, the dragon skirts, dragon legs and of course faces, left shield half, effigies am not sure about the elite clues. All coins, Dragon stones, tooth-half key

    I will alch all rune-related items (limbs, bars 2h, kitshield full helm, sq shield, Mid helm) Aviansies: I will take away all adamant bars. I will be alch to all runite limps and daggers. Keep in mind that avies addy bar are all too common, while limps and daggers don't come along as often, while iron drops are most uncommon and some like vissies are too rare , but worth more buy RS gold than avies usual drops. Any other suggetions or information would be welcomed and appreciated.