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  • One of OSRS's most famous minigames of OSRS has players fighting 6 Barrows Brothers which while not in danger for experienced players can pose a lethal threat to RuneScape Gold new adventurers. Among them you can meet Ahrim who is blighted (level 98 Mage), Dharok the Wretched (level 115 Warrior), Guthan the Infested (level 115 Warrior), Karil the Tainted (level archer in 98), Torag the Corrupted (level 115 Warrior) and Verac the Defiled (level 112 Warrior).

    Those who aren't afraid to confront this challenge may dig up graves (don't be concerned, you don't need to bring a shovel , as there's one in that place) in the Morytania Swamps, which are where the swamps hide. There are ancient graves which are now home to those who seek revenge.

    Similar like Kraken - Barrows Brothers are usually fought for their drops. The loot that you can collect from the minigame may be worth quite a low and the difficulty isn't as difficult as mentioned before. Since of that, many gamers who are looking for a simple gold farm that does not rely on fighting are descending to the graves haunting ghosts themselves.

    The final boss of the Chambers of Xeric minigame. A large white dragon-like creature that is among the toughest bosses in RuneScape which comes with 800 hitpoints. To defeat this monster, players must go through many challenges and battle against a variety of monsters. The drops that they can collect from their raids are very expensive and could range from hundreds to millions.

    One of them is Twisted Bow which costs over $1 billion in gold coinage. To get to this incredible treasure, players will need to form group of at least 100 adventurers. Then , they must fight monsters, solve diverse puzzles, use resources found on their way in order to make it to the final boss.

    Currently the strongest boss is currently the strongest boss Old School Runescape which in basic form looks like an overweight woman. Don't be deceived by her form as her damage can quickly one-shot you. In reality, Verzik is a Vampyre which can transform into the form of a spider. Verzik is the final fight on the Theatre of Blood with a Combat level of 1040.

    To defeat her, players will need to win five other battles on the field against bosses with Combat Levels of 800+. This is regarded as a raid in a similar way as Chambers of Xeric - only 5 players are allowed to challenge bosses on the arena at any given time. With regards to rewards players will receive the best slot-based weapons, a an extensive set of justicars, lots of herbs , and where can i buy runescape gold even a chance for pet. This content is recommended for the most experienced combat players.