The best tank builds in New World

  • If players have been playing New World since its release in late September, they are likely to reach the highest level of the game. In higher-level content, especially in Expeditions, if the player prefers high-defense builds, then tank builds are very suitable. That player needs to buy New World Gold to get weapons with related attributes, which is very important.

    Since the launch of the game, one of the most popular tank productions includes the chief weapon is Sword and Shield, the secondary weapon is Great Axe, and the attributes are Constitution and strength. This is especially effective for PvP. Sword and Shield provide a balanced defense, and Great Axe can cause a lot of damage in a short time, which can come in handy when you are suddenly ambushed by other PvP players. Even in PvE, the same build of Great Axe using different ability mastery trees is valid. Constitution and strength are absolutely necessary attributes for this build. Players should start with physique, ensure the character’s health and defensive abilities are stable, and then choose power.

    If the player wants a lightweight alternative to the above build, it would be better to replace Great Axe with Hatchet. Hatchet is one of the most widely used weapons in New World. Because it is very light, it can hunt down other PvP players before they escape. Constitution and strength are also the most important attributes here. In addition, if players spend New World Gold to get armor can bring threat perk, this effect will be better.

    Disabler Tank, this build is very suitable for players who want a cumbersome game style and a brilliant choice for PvE. War Hammer and Great Axe are the heaviest, heaviest and most tank weapons in New World. Combined, they provide incredible attack power and unparalleled crowd control. But there is also a lack of evasion. Players can use New World Gold to purchase related bonus items to make up for this shortcoming.

    No matter what kind of tank builds, they have their own shortcomings. Players can choose to buy RPG New World Coins to get any items that can make up for the shortcomings, so that the tank build they have will be more perfect.