How to hide helmet in New World

  • New World takes the player into a mysterious dark island surrounded by enemies. When players reach their first level, they will get various equipment through missions or buy New World Gold. Sadly, equipment with good statistics does not always mean that the appearance will be satisfactory. Although some unpleasant-looking armor may be overlooked, it is difficult to avoid seeing the helmet because it is often the most eye-catching. However, if the player wants to change the appearance of the hat or helmet while wanting to keep its statistics, New World offers some alternatives.

    As players collect materials, choose their factions, and upgrade their professions, enjoying the appearance of a character is precious. Players spend a lot of time observing their characters, so cultivating a pleasant ascetic whom they appreciate is very important to enjoy the game properly.

    The first option is to use skins. Players who spent New World Gold to buy New World Deluxe Edition have more choices than ordinary players. However, if this is not enough to achieve the desired look, players can always choose to hide any headgear they have equipped. The process to achieve this is very similar to applying skins.

    To hide the headgear in New World without losing the gear score, players must first click Tab to open their inventory, and then right-click the headgear they want to hide. Select the “Change Skin” option and scroll down to the bottom of the list to find “Hidden Headgear”. Click it to make the helmet or hat invisible when the character is equipped. This method basically involves choosing an “invisible” skin for the headgear so that the player can benefit from the statistics without showing it visually.

    If players want to get more skins, they can spend New World Gold to buy them on the trading post. Players can find and purchase any New World skins they might like in the trading post. In addition, players can change the equipment game through dyes, but this method is very limited. Players first need to get dyes, then use Tab to open the inventory, right-click on the armor and select “Dyes”. This will allow players to change the color of the equipment, provided they have the dyes.

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