Path of Exile 3.16 Scourge

  • Recently, GGG announced that Path of Exile will update an extension this month called Scourge. This sounds very cool, and it will inevitably make players look forward to it. The blood crucible is a necessity for the player to start Scourge. It is used to store the blood obtained by the player defeating the monster, and it can be activated when it is full. At this time, the player will enter a parallel reality, which is a Wraeclast like the end of the world.

    This is challenging for both new and old players. Players need to maintain enough blood to maintain this realistic connection. Monsters that need to be defeated will become stronger and stronger over time. If the player's ability is insufficient and the blood is exhausted, they will be sent back to the original world. Players with rich experience and strong equipment will have an advantage. It would be a wise choice for players to POE Currency Buy to upgrade their equipment.

    Of course, difficult tasks will also bring more valuable items. Some items players can choose to put in their own blood cauldron, which will help absorb the corruption of monsters. Players can get two natural disaster modifiers: one can provide buffs, and the other is to apply Nerf.

    Build is also especially important for players. If it is built well, it can improve the attributes of the equipment and even close the elements that cause damage. If the player makes a mistake, there are only three chances to change the item at most. But don't worry, POE Currency can help players. Scourge will provide some unique items to increase the player's protective ability. Even if the construction is wrong, some items will make it work well.

    In addition, the Flawless Rift Stone has been added, which appears with Scourge, but it is not easy to obtain it. If players want to save energy, it is a shortcut to buy POE Currency.