Nikita Buyanov is leading the EFT Money charge

  • composed of about 100 members. Front Nikita Buyanov is leading the EFT Money charge, even with a few years of work behind the game, BSG no convulsions Drop event will be how to successfully prepare.

    "When the activity began to decline, overloading the server and start our busy with work," he said. "" It is already clear, EFT has been among the best, we started posting and pay attention to it, but we did not go to it. So, unfortunately, it is impossible to fully experience the [popular game of the moment]. "

    Convulsions drops the audience to earn in-game items by watching the banner to play the game. Tarkov incident reportedly watched 30 million hours to pull in, there are 8.3 million paid objects. This column of more than 1 billion rubles.