Animal Crossing has been a huge hit among

  • Life simulation game Animal Crossing has been a huge hit among people of Nook Miles Ticket all ages. The latest in a series of New Horizons came up with a lot of new growth, we have been hooked on the gameBreaking the highest record copy consoles sold within a month, Animal Crossing: Rookie is considered to be the most successful in the series. With the decline of the summer update, fans can cheer the new changes.

    The new update will be available on July 3, 2020, in a telephone hot summer, what better way to handle the heat than to go swimming? Although we are talking about your role in the Animal Crossing Swimming: New Vision.

    Wait a minute, you can not just go ahead and dive deep into the water. The most important is that your character needs the right gear. People need to equip a wetsuit to go swimming. After the update, players can find a crack in the corner of sales. more importantly? Every day, you can get your hands on your raincoat new and improved design.