NBA 2K22 update 1.04 patch fixes the current generation of faul

  • The new NBA 2K22 patch notes have just gone live on the server. Here is everything that players can expect and the size of the update 1.04. The release of NBA 2K22 caused a huge sensation, and it was loyal to the franchise while introducing some exciting new features. The key to these changes is to update the MyCareer mode on next-generation game consoles, and MyPlayers occupies two different areas in the city and cruise ships. Many players have prepared enough NBA 2K22 MT to take advantage of the game.

    The file size of these patch notes is very large, a total of 28GB on PS4 and 33GB on Xbox One. Now players can check the specific instructions on the official page. Some players have already bought NBA 2K22 MT, but still find that there are some areas that need improvement in the game. Here is the content of this update.

    Patches continuously improve the stability and performance of the game to enhance the overall experience. Players can get skill upgrades directly from their gaming phones, no matter where they are on the cruise ship. Perfect Release SFX now has a descriptive name, making the process of equipping them easier. Adjust the zoom of the broadcast camera based on community feedback. Solved the problem that users sometimes appeared on the ocean when accepting cruise ship invitations. Slightly increased the ball drop speed in MyTEAM. If players want to be invincible in MyTEAM mode, then buy NBA 2K22 MT is an inevitable choice.

    This patch focuses on things related to the quality of life of modern players and the smoothest possible game running. The 2K community hopes to make major improvements to the game’s malfunctions, especially on current game consoles. Ideally, these instructions will help resolve some of these issues. Players will also be able to get a better gaming experience, but if you want to seize the opportunity in the game, then you must prepare Cheap NBA 2K22 MT as a long-term support.